Why your friends from dance class will always be your best friends

3992b7253f2d3ccb42f38bd500d2f3a2From the moment I could walk, my mother put me into dance class. I dreamed to one day be a ballerina and would run around doing little hops and twirls everywhere I could. Dance class is where I met my first real group of friends. We would share crisps and sweeties with each other at water breaks and skip round the studio hand in hand. At the age of 3 I wasn’t to know that these friends would end up being my best and most valued friends in my life. I believe there is so many reasons as to why this is. So here is my :




Lets be honest, your dance friends are the only people in the world who could spend 4 hours with you standing in a leotard and pink ballet tights without questioning what on earth you are wearing… That pink stretchy material never looked flattering on anyone, but with your friends standing in the same attire beside you, you had nothing to worry about. They never laughed at how much you looked like a boy with that scraped back bun and would still hug you when you were dripping with sweat from those endless routines. 


2) Your moms were best friends too!

Those drop offs to 9am ballet classes, monthly fees and weekend long competitions definitely gave the moms something to chat about in the waiting room of dance class. It was almost a non optional arrangement, that your mom would be best friends with your best friend’s moms. They would sit together every day outside of the studio, discussing the endless quick changes they would need to help with at the showcases. Sharing car journeys to competitions, having breakfasts together in the hotel rooms while they attempted the extravagant makeup requirements on a bunch of laughing, excited kids. 


3) You had endless amounts of “after dance class” sleepovers, which were very different from sleepovers with your school friends… 

You always went to your school sleepovers and done the ordinary, sleepover-like things. You know: watching a film/ eating some sweets/ talking about how much that girl from maths class is super nerdy… Dance sleepovers were a little different. Despite returning home from a long dance class, the energy levels were always still so so high. Instead of watching dvds, you would watch old dance recitals one after the other, laughing at all the mistakes you all made and how someone fell on their pirouette. You would stand in a formation and make up your own 1 minute dance routines to the latest pop song before practicing all your dances for your showcase. For fit & active dancers who are meant to have a healthy diet, you would not hesitate to eat 12 jumbo size bags of sweets and crisps after munching a pizza.


4)You all went through the tough studying and exam stresses from the age of 5, while your school friends did not experience this till mid high school.

At 5 years old you were all taught and prepared on barre exercises and centre work that you would need to present to a funny looking lady who sat at a long table, eating biscuits. You were expected to be almost fluent in french and be well presented for all your exams. Your dance friends stood beside you, hand in hand, waiting for the examiner to call your group in. Nerves always got the better of you and your friends were there to tell you it will be alright and not to worry. They would check if your bun was okay and make sure you couldn’t see your pants popping out from your leotard. Even at a young age, they would congratulate you for getting the highest mark even if they got the lowest. Now that is a true friend.


5) They understood that dance is a big commitment

 They would cheer you up when you got to class and take your mind off the fact that you were missing the biggest party of the year. They would make you laugh while doing barre work by kicking your bum on their developpe to distract you from thinking about how you missed the school trip again… Your dance friends were giving up things too and thats why they were the only ones to understand. ‘Sorry, I cant.. I have dance’ was a very well rehearsed response and all of you had said it 100 times. When all your friends were out playing at the park in the sun, you would all be in the studio moaning about how hot and bothered you were, but knowing how important it was you could not miss class!


6) You have been on so many mini holidays together you have lost count

All those weekend long competitions, brought an endless amount of memories. Jumping on the beds in city hotel rooms, singing songs on the dance team bus, getting up at 5am to do your makeup and hair, eating loads of pancakes at the hotel cafe… You were trusted with your dance friends. Even at a young age your moms would allow you to go adventure around the competition venue all day by yourselves and not worry about where you were or what you were doing.


7) Your selfie game has always been strong.

The kids at school would take pictures in their school uniforms or normal clothes, posing at the park or at the beach with their parents. You and your dance friends however, have a mass of photographs in dazzling glitter costumes with bright red lips and stunning eye shaddow. You have the most pouty, smiley and fabulous collection of selfies and group pictures doing leg catches and splits at water fountains and iconic places in the cities you have visited with dance. Your selfies from a young age would most likely put alot of instragrammers to shame in this day and age. 


8) They have grew up with you, and will continue growing..

Your dance friends have been there while you all ran around in tutus with bruised knees and rosy cheeks, through the weird pre-teen stage, to the spotty and huffy teenager, to you finally finding yourself as a person. You have all been together to tell the gossip of all your other activities that they are not involved in. You have watched each other figure out life through the most tricky and difficult stages, being there for each other not just in the dance class but whenever you need it. They have been there to hug you after you run into class to tell them about your first break up. They have been there to let you escape from all the problems your having at school and the endless amount of pressure. They have been there to learn how to do your makeup, curl your hair and learn how to tie your laces. 

My best friends in the entire world are the friends I made at dance class. We don’t see each other all the time, but they are always there with a supportive text or phone call & a plan of action to arrange to meet up. They have seen me through every moment of my life and will continue to do so… Our parents are still friends and I would class their families as 2nd families to my own. There are a million reasons why your friends from dance class will always be your best friends, and if you are a dancer reading this.. I can guarentee their are some friends on your mind right now… Its a well known fact that lasting friendships are formed in the dance studio.. Wouldn’t you agree? 

Share this with your dance friends and let them know how much you value their friendship throughout the years.



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